Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blue scarf

When I lived in Texas, I never wore scarves. It's not like it was all that cold, so why bother, right? Well, it's different here and I find myself often grabbing a scarf off of the coat rack by the front door when I've got to be out on a chilly, breezy day.

This scarf is like many you see anywhere and everywhere - a quick beginner-level project or one that can be made while you're not really paying attention to it. But just in case you don't have the instructions for this one yet, I'll give them to ya.

You'll need one skein of Lion Brand Homespun yarn - this is color 341 Windsor. It's mostly blue, but with purple and some green undertones to it. You'll also need a pair of size 13 knitting needles and a paperback book.

First, wind the yarn completely around the paperback book 32 times. Cut only on one side so that you're left with 32 pieces of yarn. Those are for the fringes. Why did I cut the fringes first? That's an easy one: so that if you decide to just keep on knitting until you run out of yarn, this way you're assured you have enough yarn for fringe. If you don't want fringe, skip this step.

Cast on 16 stitches and knit every row. This is called garter stitch and is the type of thing you can do while watching tv, it's so easy and quick.  When you get your scarf as long as you want it, bind off. Mine was six feet long (and with the fringe added, it was almost seven feet long). Tie one strand of your fringe yarn around each stitch on each end. Or, if you didn't want the fringe and don't want leftover bits of yarn, just keep right on knitting until you get about three feet from the end of your yarn, and then bind off.  Either way, it's all good. As long as you like it and it keeps you warm, I'm happy.
See you again soon!
 ~  AlaskaGirl

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