Sunday, February 14, 2010

Obladi, Oblada...

It's odd, sometimes, what shows up in the grocery stores around here.

Sometimes grocery shopping means finding something that will do in place of what you really want, like plain white onions when you're very much craving leeks. That sort of thing. And then, some days, you round a corner and find an endcap display of weird imported items, and you can't help stopping to read every label of every strange, fascinating thing.

Like this auspicious find:

This is the wafer part of sugar wafer cookies, but without the filling! YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN SUGAR WAFERS! What's that sound I hear? Is that an angelic choir? Why, I think it just might be!

These are imported from Croatia, according to the teeny-tiny English translation on the label. Also according to the teeny translation, each 9" by 11" oblatne (which means wafer) has only 126 calories, no sugar, and less than 3 grams of fat. Meaning they're basically only as bad as the filling that goes in them. Oh, the possibilities...

Since right now there are only two people at home, I'm only going to take one wafer and fill it, rather than using the whole package to make a party-sized cookie. Spread your desired filling on the wafer, spreading first in one direction and then turning to spread in the other, to make sure you've filled all the little waffle-holes with filling, which, in this case, is Nutella. I left one side of the wafer relatively un-spread so that I could save that for the top, once I got around to cutting and stacking the finished cookies.

Use a serrated knife to cut the wafer in half, stack the halves, and repeat the process until you're happy with the height of your cookie, and winding up with the unspread piece on the top. Trim the edges neatly and then eat the trimmings before anybody else gets to them!

Totally worthy of bringing out Grandma's china.

The Nutella ones were completely delish, and I could eat those every day, if only my waistline would allow it. But, for sake of variety, I filled another wafer with homemade kiwi-strawberry jam. The chunks of fruit in it made it a little difficult to stack and slice neatly, but it still worked. The wafers didn't hold up to the jam as well as to the Nutella, so for next time, I'll stick with thicker, creamier fillings.

If you want to try making your own sugar wafers, you can order oblatne online or perhaps can find them in your own grocery stores. I know I'll be going back to town for a couple more packages of these while I can still easily get them!

See you again soon!
 ~  AlaskaGirl

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